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How do you confirm the progress you have made at the end of the week?

You Don't...We Do!

While your team is busy in the trenches putting out fires we present you with the actual progress of your project.    

We provide a birds eye view of your project that can be shared with subcontractors in order to hold them accountable.  


Can you afford to not have real time data when making informed decisions?


Let's face it, the longer your project takes to complete, the project is bleeding money. 


Jump start your projects site selection by having relevant terrain mapping at a fraction of the time and cost it takes for traditional topographic mapping.  




What are your most valuable assets?  It should always be people. 

Why put your people at risk during asset inventory and routine inspections?

Keep boots on the ground and allow us to capture critical data required by your building engineer and maintenance teams to determine if hands-on action is required. 

Let us keep your true assets safe by contacting us.  






Eco-Synergy Advisors was established in 2009 as a Building Science firm aimed at helping municipalities, utility companies, developers and contractors comply with complex energy codes.  With over 10,000+ energy related inspections we have become accustomed to integrating advanced diagnostic equipment in our business to meet our clients needs.  

As of 2020, we are excited to announce a distinct branch of Eco-Synergy Advisors called "Sky Division."  Sky Division is borne out of our clients' need for inspections ​from an aerial vantage point.  Our clients can now receive aerial infrared inspections of commercial and industrial complexes, track and document construction progress, or conduct terrain feasibility studies for new developments.  




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